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10MM Luos Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Mala Black Wood Bracelet Ping An Fu- W013
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“mala bracelet -This style of bracelet is called a bodhi mala and sometimes called yoga beads. They are worn and used by Buddhists and monks. Malas are strings of beads that are used to count the mantras which are recited. A mantra is a word or series of words chanted to invoke spiritual qualities.

Often Buddhist will recite thousands of mantras at a time. The mala helps not only with counting mantras but also to focus one concentration and awareness. When using the mala you use your fingers, reciting the mantra and visualize the deity. Doing this you are involving[Read More]

Black Crystal Hip Hop Shamballa Disco Ball Macrame Bracelet Swarvoski Beaded Crystal Designer
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  • high quality bead bracelet
  • strung on strong black nylon cord with gunmetal & black crystal beads
  • fully adjustable to wrist sizes: 7” to 9”
  • width: 12mm
  • weight: 66 grams
ROSEWOOD WRIST MALA PRAYER BEADS ~ 10 mm Size ~ w/ Om Mani Padme Hum Mala Bag
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