Tibetan Buddhist Bodhi Seeds Prayer Beads Wrist Mala Bracelet with Hemp Om Mala Bag
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Product Description

This is a bodhi wrist mala with a small brown om hemp bag. The hemp bag was made especially for Hinky Imports only according to our specifications. Bodhi seeds come from the bodhi tree. It was under the Bodhi tree where the Buddha Shakyamuni first found enlightenment. Bodhi seeds are considered the most auspicious material to use as prayer beads. The tassel in the middle helps you return to the beginning point when using this bodi seeds prayer beads mala for meditation. There is elastic on the inside of this mala, and so this mala can be worn as a bracelet when you are not using it. Each bodhi seed is 8 mm wide. This Tibetan Buddhist bodhi seeds prayer beads wrist mala bracelet was handmade in Nepal.

Product Details

  • made from bodhi seeds
  • fits most sizes of wrists
  • counting bead in the center of the wrist mala

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